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Audi to leave DTM: Future of Series unclear

So many say this is the end of DTM (Deutsche TourenMeisterschaft=German Touring Masters) as this only leaves BMW as a manufacturer.

I attended the DTM final in 2018 and frankly, as a series, I don't mind it going.

I attend nearly every race at Hockenheim and I found the cars not appealing, stupidly loud, and overall too full of itself.

For example, local radio station and store advertising was covered up. The big Ravenol oil can on the control center was covered by blue screen sheet.

You couldn't go anywhere but the "fan mile" that was open to the public or the grandstand you had tickets for. Security checks were at every entrance.
Most of the paddock was blocked by men who were twice as wide as were tall and biceps bigger than my head.

All the other races I go to you can sit where you want, go where you want, watch what you want. I seldom pay more than 50€ for the whole weekend. Kids under 12 are free.

IMHO there are too many racing series. We have DTM, TCR Germany, TCR Europe and WTCR in Germany. All "touring cars". The TCR series is the closest to what I would consider real touring as the cars have partial interiors and the motors and layouts are somewhat close to their street versions.

There are also private touring series, why can't we combine all of them?

DTM was just a big marketing show, about as bad as NASCAR. The amount of money floating around was nearly revolting.
We know motorsport ain't cheap. But does it have to be stupid expensive?

Formula 1 has asked the Hockenheimring if they can come and play. They positioned it as they were doing us a favor so the XXX,XXX,XXX € they wanted was a "freinds' price" (you read the number of X's correctly). The management here has said thank you, how about X,XXX,XXX? We will see what happens (I happen to know some people in the office there...)

Seriously, is Formula 1 really so much better than say, Formula 2 or 3?

The fall of motorsport in general though is also down (IMHO) to some of the shoddy reporting. In the UK at least you see articles with some insight and anecdotes. Here, people basically just get who qualified where and who won. Basically people figure the fastest car always wins and that is, as we all know, not the case!

We have to get this across to people somehow.

Formula E (I know some of you don't like it) is at least trying to make a connection...
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Its sad that more and more of the old vanish

Truth of the matter is - it is all about the $. I mean no German GP?????

And yet their market seems to be strong , and they seem to be reacting to external pressures by protecting themselves internally.

(28th-Apr-20, 01:33 PM)dvd3500 Wrote:  I attend nearly every race at Hockenheim and I found the cars not appealing, stupidly loud, and overall too full of itself.
With you on most of your comments but there is no such thing as 'stupidly loud' motorsport. If it doesn't shatter your eardrums there is no point to it. Rofl

Must confess I have never been to DTM race, or even watched one on the box.

But if the series dies, where will Carrera get the inspiration for thier beautiful 1:32 versions from? Tease

(Yes the world does revolve arround slot cars)
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There are 3 TCR series in Germany alone: TCR Germany, TCR Europe and WTTC (or whatever the FIA calls them these days).

I personally find them just as cool and even cooler because they resemble real cars.

Still plenty of GT and WEC racing going on as well.

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