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1965 Nascar Decals

Does anyone know where I could obtain a waterslide decal set for this car that I can get delivered to the UK:


I have tried looking on Pattos, but navigating that website is frustrating at best, and I can't find it !


Tel , did you want the ones in the picture ,cos the ones I have are not like that !


Tel , I'll take pics of both the sets I have and post tomorrow the one with no11 are for the ford Fairlane ,the ones no 21 are on the Galaxy 


You have 2 different sets ??
Fluff you may well be even more of a lifesaver than you already are !

No they weren't the ones I asked you about … I knew you had the "English Motor" Galaxie ones which I plan to use on the 63 Galaxie I have coming.
But I also have a 65 Galaxie on the way, and it needs something. A 67 Fairlane decal set would do very nicely for me ;)

I look forward to the pics  Beer

Hi Tel ,these are those  ,the no11 set did not have so many but should suit your needs if they're ok will post them off . Might not be today as is raining and it's a bit of a walk to the post office 


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Yes they would be great, Thanks Steve  Sun 
No hurry to post, I have yet to receive the cars, let alone prepare and paint them !

Ok Tel no worries will get them away asap 


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