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Info Did you know? Carrera Digital cars in analog mode on Scalextric go the "wrong" way?

I admit, this may be "common" knowledge but we finally got a new track set up (ARC PRO/Scalextric Sport) and are going through every car we have seeing how they run and deciding what they need done to make them run better.

We got around to some Carrera digital cars (specifically the D132 Huracon and '77 Trans Am) and I was not surprised when we put the cars on the track and nothing happened. I flipped the switch figuring they were in digital mode and while the lights went on they faded back off fairly quickly.

So I got out my trusty variable volt power supply and connected it up directly to the blades. Strangely the wheels won't move unless I put at least 9 volts on them (the cars have been sitting in their boxes for over a year so I am guess the motor had "seized" a bit, after the initial start they started working at lower voltages).  Anyway, so I got the motor running and I put them on the track and... nothing...

I double checked with the power supply and the motor worked then I "twiigged" and put the car on the track the other way round (left to right) and it worked!

Same thing with the other Carrera digital car.

I don't remember ever hearing or reading this before.

I plan on replacing the decoder with a light board as we will never have a Carrera digital setup (these boards are somewhat easy to obtain. When people "upgraded" analog cars with lights they replaced them with a digital decoder). I am curious the light board will allow travel in both directions (as is the case for a lot of Carrera cars) or if I will have to swap the wires over on the motor.

So, like I said, probably common knowledge but new to me (I still find saran wrap/cling film exciting so I am probably weird) and if anyone has experience with the light boards and dual direction I greatly appreciate your input.

If I remember correctly, the switch is not for analog mode.  This is to switch the polarity so you can race them the other direction.  To go to the analog mode you put them on the track and blip the throttle 3 times.

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Another user also said that the switch is for the direction (like other Evolution cars) so I will have to try it again because they would not budge last night.

This is an analog Scalextric track so not sure the blipping of the throttle will work but it is worth a try...
Like I said, I plan on swapping the decoder out anyway.
I am open to trades!

Oh for P*ete's sake... it works... I have no idea what was wrong last night.
Anyway. thanks for pointing that out.
Now I just need to put a different guide blade in (or trim the Carrera one) and ideally replace the decoder with a light board...
I guess you are never to old to be dumb..

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