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Review of Team-Slot Lancia Delta HF 4WD

This is my review of a car that I purchased in the normal manner and at the normal retail price.

The long established manufacturer Team-Slot recently released models of the Lancia Delta HF 4WD. You might wonder what that car is – it was the first production all-wheel drive Lancia Delta and was planned as the model to sell in the market that built around the Audi Quattro and to capitalise on the competition success of the Delta S4. However, the move away from Group B into Group A meant that the HF 4WD became the Lancia contender in the World Rally Championship (and in lesser Rally Championships).

The first Team-Slot cars announced were an Abarth Test(Development) car and a Camel liveried competition car. The Test model looks great in images and out of the box. It felt quite heavy but my scales say 91g. Its a fairly good scale model of the Delta and sits nicely with the earlier T-S Delta HF integrale and S4 models. The roof-vents are very wide open and look at risk in  crashes so I was pleased to find that I could bend them down a bit. The flaps are simply a photo-etched item glued on to the roof so I had to be careful to hold down the trailing edge as I bent the flaps down (or they may have detached). The air scoops on the bonnet are correct and distinguish the 4WD from the later ‘integrale’ versions. These scoops were also fitted to the concurrent two-wheel drive Delta HF Turbo. The model has a very nice radio aerial and it has an actual coil spring  base. Detailing is good and the dash/instruments are as good as was promoted in advance (excellent) although the navigator’s notes are upside down in one of the two cars that I have.

On the Test car the wheels are aluminium alloy and constructed such that the tyres hold the insert in place. Tyres need truing. The motor is mounted in an in-line pod with chassis designed to alternatively accommodate an angle-winder pod. There is no traction magnet and not really any provision for one. Plain belt-drive takes power to the front axle via alloy pulleys and the rear axle crown gear is an alloy and plastic combination. Motor is Team Slot TS12 Total (closed can), rated 22,00 rpm at 12v and 140ma with  The guide is a fairly standard thing. The motor position is offset downwards noticeably. Gearing is 9/27. Tyre width is 8.5mm and diameter is a touch over 17.5mm. Wheelbase is 77.7mm  and  overall axle/tyre width is 50mm.

I haven’t mentioned the subsequently released road(stradale) car which is slightly different. The interior is fine for a slot-car but not the correct cloth pattern! An excellent detail is that the dashboard and instruments are devoid of the Halda Rally Computer and fuse box. The wheels are a bit of an issue though. Pattern is correct for the production car but are plastic front and rear so need truing all-round. Same chassis and motor arrangement and belt drive. Pedants will complain about only one exhaust tail pipe, should have two (I have fixed this failing).

On track, predictably the Test car runs better than the road car. In fact the Test car is quite good but can be better with a bit of truing and weighting. Within a few laps I was up to speed with a decent time on my Ninco layout. There is very little ground-clearance so the motor occasionally rubbed on the raised Ninco rails, but does not seem to have any noticeable attraction to the rails of my Ninco layout. Dynamic braking is very effective. The road car suffers with poor wheels and is more difficult to drive. As I re-placed the road car after a mild crash, one of the door mirrors fell off and in handling whilst gluing it back on, the other one fell off. Mirrors on the Test car seem firmly attached. 

In summary, nice models with very good detailing. Track performance is good and has potential for more, but not in the NSR and Sloit.It category. Just as the 1:1 cars, the standard tyres fill the arches and there is a need to have wider arches to accommodate wider tyres. 

Now looking forward to the full Martini liveried cars – hopefully the 1987 Lombard RAC Rally version but no word yet other than that there will be some Martini team car.









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(11th-Apr-20, 09:03 PM)Scuderia_Turini Wrote:  although the navigator’s notes are upside down in one of the two cars that I have.

 As I re-placed the road car after a mild crash,

Hi Leo,

Thank you for your review.
Maybe the navigator was confused after crashing. Bigsmile

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