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Scalextric Porsche 962 3D Print Headlight Glass

I have an old battered REPSOL Porsche 962 and the headlights have broken.   I can't be bothered to do much but an open hole is too much even for for me.  So I have printed a replacement glass.   The files are available on Thingverse.  The first is the original (V5) and OK if you are happy with an opaque glass, as some 962's seem to have.  
V6 is a uniform thickness one for printing in transparent PET-G,  thin enough you should be able to print it as a single wall.  I have checked and it does print single wall but I only used normal PLA.   I have just sent off for the clear stuff and while it will never do for purists I'm not one so may do for me.  Watch this space.
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Hello UshCha and thank you for sharing this/these with the community. 
I needed headlamp covers for a spare Rothmans liveried 962 and printed your design and they fit very well. 
Sadly the Rothmans livery is beyond patching up so I need to do some work to either tidy it up or replace it.


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