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Portishead Slot Car?

Hi all, I have a fixed layout, two lane (scalextric sport) track, runs on SSDC or RCS64 and am looking for like-minded 'racers' to enjoy it.  Cars are run pretty much OOB and are not race-tuned or over tinkered with. 
I race now for fun and enjoyment and the social side rather than all out to win!  The idea would be once a month for an evening, with maybe the odd blowout at a weekend with a beer or two.
I have over a hundred cars from many years of slot racing, so you don't have to bring your own and I can cater for most eras in F1 and GT/Road from the 50s to the 90s - 60s F1 tends to be analogue, two lane.
Will add a photo or two, when I can figure out how! (Advice needed)

Anyone interested??
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Welcome Chadow Wavegreen 

There are some tips about posting pictures at the end of this post:

A digital club in the Bristol area sounds fabulous! Our digital racing on the south coast in Worthing started with a few years of excellent rug-racing with fleets of different cars prepared by our generous host Mike. We then moved it into a church hall and gradually introduced 'bring-you-own' classes - but the heart of our Wednesday evenings is still a club car team race and our Saturday mornings are taken up by a club car rotation race.

We also started rug-racing with the APB tower and Pit Lane Game, moving on to SSDC, which we then used for the first couple of years in the church hall. Only when our racers were ready did we move on to RCS64 - which I find really exciting in terms of simulating real racing formats.

Good luck!

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