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Missing wings is not a death sentence!

               I was kindly sent some broken single seater Tyco and Tomy bodies by Dennis from Slot Lodge a few years back. 

This one had a single end plate and no front suspension. I cut off the end plate and used it as a template to make some new plasticard ones. I did make an angled rear wing but in the end settled for a single piece one instead. I put an additional brace under the body to give more surface area to weld the new end plates on. 

The other SG body had one piece of front suspension. This was cut off and used as a template for new plasticard pieces. For a future car it might be better to make a single unit with struts running through the body in newly cut channels. This would be stronger so I will look at doing that.

This car is now awaiting warmer weather to visit the paint booth. Decals are on the way from Patto and it will become one of my signature (livery of choice) AT&T cars to match my Nascar and Modified cars.
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I love the custom rear wing. 
My Interest is "no holds barred" formula 1 type racing. 
Weapon of choice? Ostereros' AllSlotCar generic F1
The problem is, the wings are fragile and there are no slot retailers that have any available 

Maybe custom manufacture is the way to go for me too. 
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Thanks Alan. I'm lucky in that an HO wing is small and not too detailed so replicating it is fairly simple. A 1/32nd one would probably benefit from a 3D print method. You can photo scan an object from your phone and use free software to produce a 3D model. Might be worth investigating?
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Managed to rush outside with a warmed up can of primer at lunchtime. Not ideal conditions with the spray blowing vertically away from the car and the rain just starting to fall after it being clear for several hours. Rats. Will give it 24 hours and start sanding it smooth. 

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Its race night tomorrow so despite the horrendous winds, I had to push on with painting the car. I need a spray booth in the shed that doesn't result in paint on the floor. Scrubbed it down last year after I made that mistake in the past!

Anyway so the car is finished. I got a couple of decals a little crooked and had to reset the wing which has left it a little uneven. I used a mixture of 40% scale and 90% scale decals from Patto for the livery. 

And as you can see, version 2 is well underway.



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