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Info Magnetic tape

What is the most common irritation when working on your cars? For me it is undoing body screws and watching them roll off the workbench onto the floor never to be seen again until you ferret through the dust in the vacuum cleaner.

Here is my solution - magnetic insulation tape attached to your work surface:

You could use the magnets removed from your cars but tape covers a larger area so is more likely to catch the errant screws and other metal bits. I found mine in the craft section at Poundland but other stores like The Range and Hobbycraft also do it.
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Brilliant!  Love it!

I’m off to Poundland...

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool

Screws? Lightweight! 

Have you tried hunting for the little springs you get in suspension kits when they shoot off? They fly for miles! 

(No wonder Pendle sell them in packs of 8 when you only need 2)
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What exactly am I looking for in Poundland? Had a look round a completely empty Poundland in Brighton (the whole of the city centre is empty - have I missed something?), but couldn’t find any magnetic tape in the Craft or DIY sections...

Face masks, Woodcote... Face masks!
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Poundland is a law unto itself and stuff appears and disappears at random. My local one had stock last month but not this. Plenty of other sources though.
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Keep an eye open for discarded refrigerators. The door seals are similar - would need glued/stuck down though.


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Only just seen this post Brian, great find !
I am always losing screws. As we are in lockdown, ebay to the rescue and ordered  Thumbup

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