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SCX Digital

Hi Chaps

Can anyone please help with this, just bought [Image: clearspacer.gif]a

Scx Digital Advance E10286 - DIGITAL LANCIA FULVIA 1.6HF SAN REMO 1972 WINNERS

didn't notice it was digital, massive school boy error!
Anyway you can flick a switch underneath to run on analogue track, so it does work.
Only thing is the front lights don't work, rear lights do work ok.
If you put back to digital mode all the lights work but the engine doesn't run!

Any suggests?


Hi Graham,

I shortly tested this on my digital Lancia Fulvia.
At low voltage the front lights don't work, but at a higher voltage they do.
The rear lights work also at low voltage.
Maybe  this will help you.

rallyhub Thumbup

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Thanks Rallyhub, yes they do work flat out down the straight at high voltage. At least I now know there’s nothing wrong.
Slightly disappointing as they look good as rally cars with headlights blazing, the analogue versions I have are on all the time and look the part. I have a Renault 4 with orange headlights looks brilliant. Thanks again for your reply. Graham

Hi Graham,

I was disappointed too, especially how SCX has integrated the braid contact strips on the square module. I guess, a separate construction of the contact strips would have been a better choice. In this way, it would have been possible to short circuit the square module, which is only necessary for the using of wireless controllers. Their new construction is very difficult to change in the existing simple construction of the older analogue SCX cars, I prefer.

Just for fun, here are two pictures of my SCX Renault's 4 in the twilight. They are not fast, but their lights are really brilliant, as you mentioned.

rallyhub Thumbup

Rallye Monte Carlo 1963 Renault 4 Super.                                                                             Safari Rally 1962 Renault 4
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Lovely photos and track looks amazing, numbers 14 is the same as mine but what make is the Renault 4 Super?


I'm a bit "miffed" about the Marlboro car not being available in non-digital setup. I got two of the #1 Monte-carlo winners before the Marlboro car was announced.
Keeping Ebay watch for a low-price Marlboro car as there are lots of other Lancias to be bought this year. 
Got two SCX Safari Deltas and waiting for the Delta 4WD cars by Team Slot. Have pre-ordered two of the road versions and looking forward to the full Martini versions that should be announced soon. 


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(9th-Feb-20, 06:05 PM)GT Sprite Wrote:  Lovely photos and track looks amazing, numbers 14 is the same as mine but what make is the Renault 4 Super?

Thank you. The blue Renault is also SCX, in Spain named Scalextric:


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