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Fly Cars 2020-21

A long and impressive list of new Fly cars for 2020 and early 2021 is beginning to circulate, so I thought it was time to share it here.

The first two new cars are BMW 3.0Ls - the first the Jägermeister Alpina Racing Team car driven by Nikki Lauda and Brian Muir in practice and qualifying for the 1973 Nürburgring 6 hours...


The second BMW 3.0 CSL is the red #51 car driven to third place at the 1974 ETCC round at Zandvoort by Huub Vermulen and Rob Slotemaker.

There are also two Datsun 240Z racers - André Haller's GTS Datsun that he drove with Hand Schuller and Benoit Maechler at the 1975 Le Mans 24 hours; and the car that Edgar Herman drove to victory at the 1971 Safari Rally...


Next up are two works McLaren M26s - but with very different liveries...


The first - in the traditional Marlboro colours - is James Hunt's winning car from the 1977 British Grand Prix. The second is the Löwenbräu car driven to sixth place by Patrick Tambay in the 1978 US Grand Prix East at Watkins Glen.

The final pair of new Fly cars are especially wonderful - the Toleman TG184s driven at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix by Ayrton Senna and Johnny Cecotto...


This is most definitely the Grand Prix that will stay in my memory the longest - rookie Senna spectacularly hunting down race leader Alain Prost through heavy rain and on a sodden track. The clerk of the course panicked by halting the race as Senna passed the Frenchman for the lead - handing Prost an undeserved win. However, it was a decision that would cost him the 1984 world championship. Karma...

It is unclear at this time which of the new cars will be 'normal price' full-run injection moulded models and which will be the very limited edition resin models that have appeared recently. I am sure we'll find out in due course.

There are some great re-liveries on existing models too - a long list across the various fly ranges, including a good number of rally cars...

A-2010 BMW M1 Daytona Classic 2017 D. Quester
A-2011 BMW M1 Rally Du Var 1981 B. Darniche
A-2012 Ford Escort Safari Rally1971 R. Clark
A-2015 Renault 5 Rally Costa de Marfil 1982 J. Ragnotti
A-2016 Porsche 911 German Police car
A-2017 Porsche 911 Oran Park 1969 B.Foley
A-2018 Ferrari GTO Rally Gerona 1968 E. Baturone
A-2019 Ferrari GTO 1000Kms Paris 1962 P.Rodriguez & R. Rodriguez
A-2022 BMW M3 Rally Vila de Teror 2000 J.M Ponce
A-2023 / 24 BMW M3 24 H Spa 1992
A-2025 / 26 / 27 Porsche 908/2 Targa Florio 1969
A-2028 / 29 / 30 Lancia Beta Giro de Italia 1980

A-2031 Hesketh 308 German GP 1975 H. Ertl
A-2032 HESKETH 308 German GP 1976 G. Edwards

TRUCK62 Iveco GP España 2017 J. Hanh
TRUCK63 Iveco GP Misano 2018 S. Halm
TRUCK64 MAN Jarama 2012 A. Alabacete
TRUCK65 MAN Jarama 2011 A. Conejero
TRUCK66 Mercedes Jarama 2018 O. Santos
TRUCK67 Mercedes Zandvoort 2017 H. Leinz

VAN01 Ford Transit 260S
VAN02 Ford Transit 260S

TEAM20 Caja Audi Quattro A2 Monte Carlo Rally 1984 (Triple Pack)

AS2001 'Sport' Porsche 917K
AS2002 'Sport' Porsche 934
AS2003 'Sport' Porsche 908
AS2004 'Sport' Porsche 934

RACING Toyota 90C-V Taka-Q
RACING Toyota 90C-V Denso
RACING Toyota 90C-V Minolta

And finally - some SlotWings cars carried over from 2019...

W036-03 Porsche 911 IROC 1973 Fittipaldi
W036-04 Porsche 911 IROC 1973 Hulme
W036-05 Porsche 911 IROC 1973 Donohue
W037-03 Renault 5 Rally Villa de Llanes 1983 G. Ortiz

Admittedly, a lot of the list is rather sketchy, but I am sure UK Fly distributor Gaugemaster will let us know more as the year goes on. A few of these new cars are already available as pre-orders at Pendle Slot Racing - take a look here:
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Oh yeah!!! Wrench

Some classic F1 toys there to be had.... Heart

Thanks for posting Andy.

[+] 1 member Likes Philo's post

I am very curious about both Safari Rally 1971 cars; the winning Datsun 240Z and the Roger Clark Escort MK1 (both new moulds).
I guess the BMW 3.0 CSI has been shown already at the Nuremburg Toy Fair 2015 as a Vulcan Slot Cars product.
Then they showed also the Rallye Monte Carlo 1969 Escort MK1 of J.F. Piot and two prototypes of a touring car Escort MK1 with different front spoilers.

If Fly has used the Vulcan mould for the Escort, I hope they have improved it in the meantime.

The triple pack Monte 1984 Quattros is good news.

rallyhub Thumbup

Vulcan Slot Cars BMW 3.0 CSI at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015.                                   Vulcan Slot Cars Rallye Monte Carlo 1969 Escort MK1 of J.F. Piot.

Vulcan Slot Cars touring car Escort MK1 prototypes with different front spoilers.            Vulcan Rallye Monte Carlo 1969 Escort MK1
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You have a great memory Hub. I have got quite confused by what has happened to the Fly tooling over the past few years, what brand name models have appeared on the packaging and whether planned models ever got produced... A very tangled web. But the future looks good. It was seeing the amazing Fly cars in the mid-to-late 1990s that grabbed my attention and helped me consider a return to the hobby after a twenty-year break.

Looking forward to seeing the Datsun 240Zs.
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Hi Andy,

Well, as a rally fan, it is pretty easy to remember the incorrect shaped Vulcan Escort MK1.

As far as I knew at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2015, the MK1 Escort was only produced as a slot car by Scalextric.
For me, it looked very promising to see mister Rafael Barrios Senior, the founder of Fly Model Cars, at the new Vulcan stand.
I expected the same high Fly quality for his new Vulcan products, which was true concerning the sheer endless detailing. But I was really disappointed by the incorrect (too wide) shape of that Escort body.

Like you, I restarted my slot car hobby after a twenty-year break, initiated by those perfect looking and highly detailed Fly slot cars.

rallyhub Thumbup
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(8th-Feb-20, 01:28 PM)rallyhub Wrote:  Like you, I restarted my slot car hobby after a twenty-year break, initiated by those perfect looking and highly detailed Fly slot cars.

Me too. My brother found a local slot shop and told me we had to visit to check out cars that were as good as die cast models but where slot cars.... several hundred cars later..... I tell him it is all his fault LOL
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I too am a fan of Fly cars. I wonder what has become of the proposed Slotwings trio of Porsche 911s that has been due for what seems ages...
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