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Printing large backdrops

I need a long background for my track and have some scenic downloads from various places but where is a cheap place to get them printed. I am thinking of five at 3 feet long and about 2 feet high. Only place I found online is asking £12 £60, is that the usual rate?

Probably not too far out for one-off bespoke stuff but you could save money by using the commercially available model railway backscenes. I used THESE on my layout and they are priced between £15 and £17 for 10ft x 15in. Have a look at my track thread (Conington Park) to see them in use.
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The backdrops Brian describes are perfect. But if you want to print your own design, you should look at standard poster sizes. A0 is 33" x 47" - so not far off 4 x 3 foot. You could ask the printer to print two 3 x 2 ft images on one sheet and then cut them. Expect a price of £10-20 per A0 sheet, depending on the paper thickness used. You could even look at printing on PVC.

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