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Rockingham Slot Car Club invite entries for our
Policar Grand Prix meeting
On Saturday 14th January 2023

The event is inspired, and based upon, the Policar event at the Slot Car Festival.
There will be races for Standard cars and cars to CSCRA rules.

Event 1
Standard Policar Grand Prix Cars

Eligible Cars.
Any of the current range of Policar GP cars.

Cars may race in the original Policar liveries or may be repainted if desired.
Any repaints/white kits must be painted in a genuine livery as used on the real car.

Body shell.
Must be original Policar, be as complete as possible and include suspension detail etc.
Body shells may be modified to represent alternative versions of the car at other races.
Front and Rear wings must be securely attached to the car at the start of every race.
Parts may be glued in place as desired.
(We understand that small parts, such as mirrors, can get knocked of during practice and racing and will not insist on these items being replaced during the event).

Chassis & Motor pod.
These items must be genuine Policar parts and must not be modified or have parts removed. MINOR scraping or sanding of the chassis/motor pod edges to allow for body float will be allowed.
Chassis and body screws may be loose or removed as desired but please ensure that any loose screws cannot fall out during races.
Grub screws may be fitted in the holes provided at the front of the chassis to set the front axle height.

Must be an original Policar FF050 slim can motor of the same specification as that supplied with the car.

Gears & Rear Axle.
All gears and the rear axle must be genuine Policar parts to the same specification as supplied with the car.
The optional gear ratios may not be used for the standard class.

Wheels & Tyres.
Front wheels and tyres must be the correct Policar items for each particular car.
Front track width must remain standard.
Front tyres may be glued and trued.
Coating of the front tyres is not permitted.
Rear wheels must be the plastic originals or the Policar aluminium replacement -
Part no PWH1234-AL – and must have the correct inserts for the car fitted.
Overall width measured over the rear wheels and tyres must not exceed 65mm.
Rear tyres must be the originals or Policar F22 compound slicks - Part no PPT1219F22.
We will not be using ‘hand out tyres’ for this event.
Rear tyre may be glued and trued if desired.
Rear tyres must be dry whenever the car is placed on the track and any cleaning fluid / treatment used on the tyres must not leave any residue on the track.

Must be a genuine Policar guide to the same specification as supplied with the car.

Braids & Lead Wire are free choice.

Additional Weight.
Weight may be added inside the car only.
No weight will be allowed underneath the chassis and any added weight must not be visible outside the car.
Note; this rule is different from that applied at Gaydon.

Event 2
CSCRA Grand Prix Classes

This will be for Formula 1 cars only and be divided into 4 classes
1. 1961-65 (CSCRA Class GP4)
2. 1966-70 (CSCRA Class GP5)
3. 1971-77 (CSCRA Class GP6)
4. 1978-82 (CSCRA Class GP7)
Note; All ‘ground effect’ cars will run in class GP7.

Standard Policar F1 cars will be permitted to enter the CSCRA classes.

All cars must conform to the CSCRA car standards for the class entered with the following additional rules:
1. All cars must be powered by a Slimline (FF050) motor.
Motor make and RPM is free choice.
2. All cars must be use a genuine Policar F1 motor mount and gear box assembly.
Part numbers PC-H01, PC-H01as, PC-H03, PC-H03as.
MINOR modifications are permitted to these mounts to make them fit.
3. All cars must use genuine Policar gears & rear axle.
The optional Policar rear axle ratios are permitted.
4. All cars must be painted in the livery of a real Formula 1 car as it raced in an actual Formula 1 race.
5. ‘Ground effect’ cars in CSCRA Class GP7 may have front tyres with a minimum diameter of 16mm, not 17mm as stated in the CSCRA Car Standards. (This is because the Andi Rowland 3D printed chassis for cars in this class have been designed for this size).

The annual Rockingham CSCRA ‘Winter Classic’ will be on Sunday January 15th.
Winter Classic

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