The Pit Lane

The Pit Lane is a new section where we’ll take a look at some of the more interesting and offbeat parts of our hobby. We’ll delve into the gory details of the baffling decisions made by some of the major slot car manufacturers, and lament the loss of some innovative and creative makers who we wish had lasted a little longer.

We’ve gathered together some of Brian’s fascinating articles about the left field choices made by Scalextric and SCX, and we’ve added his history of the innovative but short lived Vanquish MG brand.

Maxi Models McLaren and Ferrari models

But the latest addition is quite special. It’s the story of Maxi Models, an interesting, but unfortunately short lived, small scale maker of wonderfully modelled slot cars and kits. This is a complete history of the company, and a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated directory of their highly collectable products, compiled with the help of the founder of the company himself, Max Winter.

For those of you who enjoy beautifully detailed slot cars this is highly recommended. But for Can-Am fans it’s a must see.

Update – 25/08/2021: The Pit Lane has now been renamed as The Chronicle, and has even more additions, including the History of NSCC, the origins of the UK Slot Car Festival, and the making of the Ultimate Hillclimb.

The Chronicle