The Library

This week we have a bumper update to the Library with over 30 new publications added, making a total of nearly 150 complete magazines, catalogues and brochures in all.

To start with, thanks to we have a range of twelve Policar and Polistil catalogues which date right back to 1964, and cover much of the companies’ history.

Policar and Polistil catalogues

To add to that, we’ve got seven new issues of Model Roads & Racing, six new issues of Auto Modeller, a couple of Ninco and Fly catalogues, the 2019 Scalextric catalogue, and this year’s NSR catalogue.

Fly and Ninco catalogues, and Model Roads and Auto Modeller magazines

So if current circumstances mean you have a little time on your hands, you could do a lot worse than head over to the Library and immerse yourself in the history of our hobby, from it’s very beginning right up to the present day.

The Library