Monza was only the third purpose built race track in the world, after Brooklands and Indianapolis.

Built in the woodlands of the Royal Villa of Monza park, the circuit was a spectacular mixture of two very different loops. One half was a banked oval, and the other half was the road course which forms the circuit as we know it today.

The road course is still very much recognisable from the earliest layouts, albeit with several added chicanes and reprofiled corners. The oval however had a more chequered history. Dropped in 1933, the oval returned in 1955 as a fabulous, but fearsome banked part of the circuit which was used in the 1955, 56, 60, & 61 Grands Prix, but has not been used since 1969, and now lies crumbling amongst the forest.


A four lane, Tomy AFX slot track layout