ARC PRO App - The Missing Manual

Scalextric BTCC car

This is the missing ARC PRO app manual, but it's also much more than that. It's not just about the technical details, it's also stacked full of useful tips about how to use Scalextric's digital racing app practically, in a real racing environment.

After gaining a wealth of experience in running events at the Worthing club, Andy Player has agreed to share his detailed, in depth analysis, of how to get the best out of the latest Scalextric digital system right here.

Coming Soon

The ARC Pro app Missing Manual is a work in progress, and there are quite few more subjects yet to cover, so please check back in for updates. Here's a list of future articles.

  • Tournament racing
  • ARC Pro's Drag Race
  • My Garage
  • Pace Cars - racing on your own
  • Arcade
  • Analogue mode
  • ARC Pro and Rallying