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Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 19th-Apr-20

The Richmond Trophy

Was reviewing how to fit a chip to my Cartrix Ferrari F555 when I noticed that the pinion gear was jamming on the crown gear on the same spot each turn. So I took off the pinion gear to try and work out what was causing the interference. During my investigations with my modelling knife (C+H Fabrics Starter Kit) I managed to split the gear on the casting joint. So...

So my query is...

Am I allowed to install a 9t brass pinion on the existing motor, and if not, which endbell drive motor can I fit?

(Or does anyone know where I can get a plastic 9t pinion to suit a 1.5mm dia shaft)


RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - woodcote - 19th-Apr-20

With the RTR cars we do want to keep to the stock manufacturers’ parts. Browsing the F555 on the Cartrix website, it has a TX-1 motor which is the standard 13k motor for most of the Cartrix F1 models and is available as a spare. So is the 9T 1058-09 pinion, which is the part specified for both the F555 car and the TX-1 motor and is listed as fitting a 2mm shaft.

Cartrix are distributed in the UK by Steve at Staffs Slot Cars. You could contact Steve to see how easy it would be to get hold of spares (he might have some handy) or whether the Cartrix pinions are the same as the Mitoos M209 ones. I have a feeling they are exactly the same part - which would make sense as Mitoos and Cartrix are now owned by the same company. Mitoos pinions are available from Pendles.

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 19th-Apr-20

Understood about keeping it original, that's why I thought I would ask.

I got out my calipers and measured the shaft accurately (rather than use an old pinion in my parts tray) and the shaft does come out as 2mm diameter, so that simplifies the options. I did find the Cartrix website after your prompt (I obviously didn't try hard enough before) and all the parts are available, although it seems there is a minimum spend before you can place an order to the UK. 

So I'm going to try the Mitoos M209 plastic pinions which, as you suggest, do look to be the same as the one on the car at the moment.

All good fun, and my Whitsun Trophy car ran for the first time this afternoon, so getting there!

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - woodcote - 19th-Apr-20

What you mean, of course, is that you’ll be using a Cartrix 1058-09 pinion... albeit one branded as Mitoos in the UK, once advised by the UK distributor that they are exactly the same part Thumbup

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 20th-Apr-20

Have asked SSC, but the Cartrix product is available throughout Europe so apart from postage costs, not an issue getting the OEM pinion.

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 26th-Apr-20

And onto the Richmond Trophy race, here is my Cartrix Ferrari with aluminum Mitoos wheels fitted.

Still got the original tyres fitted...not certain they are circular, or made out a material that supports friction.

Does anybody know what the options are with regards to sources for replacement tyres? 


RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - woodcote - 26th-Apr-20

Mike has made - or is making - some urethane tyres to fit the Cartrix hubs.

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 26th-Apr-20

Hi Andy. I thought I remember you say that, that's good to hear...although to be fair to those Engleberts, with a bit of sanding, they have started to do what they are meant to do.

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - chrisguyw - 27th-Apr-20

Both Paul Gage and Dart Hobbies make urethane tyres  (OEM sizing) for the Cartrix GP car range.

I am sure Colin Spark (RSSlotracing) also has urethanes to fit....and likely I have missed a few other folks,

Chris Walker

RE: Goodwood Revival Tech Talk - BARacer - 28th-Apr-20

Thanks, will take a look. 

If nothing else, the WHO Digital Goodwood event has taken me out of what little comfort zone I was in with GT cars. Not to mention into a whole different world of products and sellers!