Racing Greens

Programme covers from race meetings at Thruxton, Snetterton, Rufforth, Silverstone, Pembrey and Silloth

We’ve now updated the British Racing Greens section with an appendix. The extra pages give an outline of the history of each airfield, and their use as race tracks. But most importantly they also accurately map out each circuit using aerial photos, Google Earth, track diagrams and any other pertinent information, including, in one case just a vague description.

Silverstone aerial phot with the modern track highlighted

For me it was important to record these layouts for posterity, because many of these sites are gradually disappearing, and some have already gone. Many of the tracks were temporary, short lived, and long gone before most of us were born. But I believe this was a blossoming of talent and opportunity, which led on to Britain’s dominance in F1, and also Scalextric’s consequent popularity. These were the circuits that started all of that, so here they are, recorded for posterity.

British Racing Greens