The Misfits

We’ve been celebrating the offbeat and the oddball; reflecting on some of the unusual, unconventional, and unexpected decisions that slot car makers have made over the years.

Here we’ve gathered together a series of reports concerning those occasions where the manufacturers just decided that the left field wasn’t quite far-out enough, or where they simply misjudged things so completely that it makes you wonder what on earth they were thinking.

SCX 62550 BRM F1 Vintage

Surely some mistake? Well lots of them really. An absolute turkey!

SCX 62050 McLaren M9A

A four wheel drive F1 car that raced for a full 9 minutes.

SCX 60910 Sigma F1 Vintage

SCX 60910 Sigma F1 Vintage

SCX release a little known concept car, that probably never ran, let alone raced.

Scalextric C129/131 March 240

A profitable car, named in train terminology, which never actually entered a GP.

SCX 64270 McLaren MP4/6

Were the back doors at Margate busy when this model was banned?

Vanquish MG

Nice models, shame about the diff.

Scalextric Blower Bentley

Another one from the ‘failed race cars turned into a slot car’ department