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Grand Prix

Probably the best motor racing film ever.

I doubt there are many motorsports fans that havent seen, or at least heard of "Grand Prix".

Directed by John Frankenheimer, this classic 1966 film was both innovative and iconic, and is rightly classed as a motor sport masterpiece.

It featured a star studded international cast headed by James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand, Brian Bedford, Jessica Walter, and Françoise Hardy.

It also featured an even more impressive list of elite drivers, including Juan Manuel Fangio, Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Chris Amon, Lorenzo Bandini, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney, Bruce McLaren, and Jochen Rindt.

James Garner in the cockpit James Garner in the cockpit Yves Montand in the cockpit Yves Montand in the cockpit
The cast of Grand Prix on the main straight at Monza
Francoise Hardy and Genevieve Page in the pits at Monza Francoise Hardy and Genevieve Page Francoise Hardy and Genevieve Page Francoise Hardy and Genevieve Page

Daily Telegraph - 21 December 2016

Nearly every motoring enthusiast has a favourite racing film. But 50 years ago today, MGM released possibly the ultimate Formula 1 screen drama. 

After five decades it is still possible to imagine the impact of the picture, and today Grand Prix is a glimpse into a lost world of F1 just before the advent of sponsorship and aerodynamics.

Yves Montand and Juan Manuel Fangio chat Yves Montand and Juan Manuel Fangio chat Juan Manuel Fangio


For those of you who might not have seen the film there are some video clips scattered around the site to give you a taster.

For those who have, we've got a wealth of previously unpublished material to show you, including behind the scenes photos, and publicity shots.

This is a different angle on a classic and iconic film.

Start of the Italian Grand Prix Start of the French Grand Prix The British Grand Prix The British Grand Prix
Graham Hill examines his car Graham Hill examines his car Genevieve Page with a Ferrari Genevieve Page with a Ferrari


All of the monochrome photographs here were fortuitously rescued from the collection of Jim Russell, a former racing driver who was involved in making the film.

The photos came to us in the form of faded, fifty year old, original contact strips. These would likely have been hurriedly prepared for the purpose of picking out which negatives would be suitable for proper printing, and subsequent use.

But with a little care and attention, and a bit of a spruce up, it seems to us that many of these photos are worthy of another look.

As far as we are aware, most of these photos are unpublished, or at the very least are not widely available, so this amounts to quite an archive.

We believe that this is a unique, and original collection, and we've certainly never seen anything like it anywhere. So, obviously we couldn't keep it to ourselves.

Hope you enjoy.

Helicopter at Monza Cars on the starting grid John Frankenheimer The chequered flag
Grand Prix is a period piece, but what a period!


  1. Intro

    Introduction and Index

  2. Backdrop

    The Prelude

  3. Monaco

    Race 1

  4. James Garner

    Pete Aron

  5. Yves Montand

    Jean-Pierre Sarti

  6. Clermont Ferrand

    Race 2

  7. Eva Marie Saint

    Louise Fredrickson

  8. Jessica Walter

    Pat Stoddard

  9. Spa

    Race 3

  10. John Frankenheimer


  11. Saul Bass

    Graphic Designer

  12. Nürburgring

    Race 4

  13. Brian Bedford

    Scott Stoddard

  14. Antonio Sabàto

    Nino Barlini

  15. Zandvoort

    Race 5

  16. Geneviève Page

    Monique Delvaux-Sarti

  17. Françoise Hardy


  18. USA & Mexico

    Races 6 & 7

  19. Brands Hatch

    Race 8

  20. Toshiro Mifune

    Izo Yamura

  21. Adolfo Celi

    Augusto Manetta

  22. Monza

    Race 9

  23. Jim Russell

    Racing Driver School