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Sports/GT Round One

A few faces missing at the start of a new year/season of racing, but 8 did turn out.
Had a bit of a panic early on before racing, green lane was not working, but Mark done a bit of investigating and found a screw had come loose in a small junction box that was shorting across a couple of terminals, nice one Mark, thanks.
Jim created a new lap record, plus 4 more got new personal bests.   
C Final: Ken lead all the way to 1st and Peter 2nd.
B Final: Stewart, Ken and Terry roared away from the line for a couple of laps until Stewart had a off followed by 4 more, I think mainly on the bridge, this let Mark the electrician through into 3rd driving at a reasonable steady pace. Terry was never far behind Ken, then on lap 18 Ken and Terry both had an off with Terry getting marshalled quicker. Ken then came off twice more over the next 3 laps letting Terry secure a place in the A final.
A Final: Jim had an off on lap 2 that let Ralph and me ahead, Ralph then had some off’s on lap 4 letting me into lead (this was where he went over the line on my lane adding a lap to me) until Lap 6 when Jim took the lead all the way to a win… but unknowingly to Jim and myself that the race was over we carried on racing so on lap 26 Ralph came off across Jim’s lane that Jim crashed into I thought like Jim that the race still on I then passed Jim to what I thought was a win for me, but Ken had noticed that the race was over on the previous lap and burst my bubble, Jim must also have been miffed as the crash into Ralph would not have happened, and amongst all this Terry cruised to 3rd.
Next week it’s Group Five.
Jim Kelly............25
Keith Wright......23
Terry Howard.....21
Ralph West.........20
Ken Mason.........19
Mark Riches........18
Stuart Freeman..17
Peter Rix.............16


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