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News Scalextric 2020 Range Launch

Fabulous work Andy. Thanks very much.

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Great coverage, thank you!

Did anyone say whether the Capri police car will have clear windows or blacked out? With no siren there will be plenty of room inside for a full interior ?
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Capri cop car windows - I am sort of 75-80% sure than they might have clear windows. No Siren, only flashing lights to squeeze in - so it is possible. I'll see if I can find out for you.

Okay, I missed two cars - not bad going, considering...


The first is this very cool - and decidedly retro - DC Comics VW panel van. Nice, but not as nice as the Brumos one - in my opinion. And then there is this McLaren F1 GTR that is the only completely blank un-unveiled car in the catalogue. It will - licensing permitting - be this one:


That's the lovely BBA Compétition car driven by Jean-Luc Maury-Laribière, Marc Sourd and Hervé Poulain (of BMW Art Car fame) at the 1995 Le Mans 24 hours. It is an absolutely cracking livery. How did I forget that one?

I don't know about you, but I'm still digesting the full range - there's a lot I love and even more I like very much. I am struggling to find anything I don't like. It's going to be a very tough job balancing my wishlist to my available budget...
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Cop car news:

Quote:Clear windows, hopefully a flashing light. No siren.
Policeman driving it yelling YOU’RE NICKED.
Last bit may not be true...

Lights are great, but a DIY siren noise is always best...

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Although the exact liveries for the Lotus F1 - The Genius of Colin Chapman - triple pack are still to be confirmed, I have it on good authority that they will be Team Lotus green for the 25, Gold Leaf for the 49 and JPS for the 72...


Or, from left to right - JPS, green and Gold Leaf. The three-car set is due in the autumn.
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MRE newsletter just arrived and has some chassis shots.  One of the Reliant Regal shows the guide and dummy front wheel arrangement and others show a bit of innovation from Hornby around the motor ventilation slots.

More info on their Facebook page - if you don't do Facebook that's your choice no need to let us know. 


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There's a pic of the underside of the Mustang with the 'Pony' cutout on post #19 of this thread. The only other car with the cutout so far is the new BTCC BMW that has an 'M-Sport' logo cut out of the chassis under the motor. It's sort of cool - I'm surprised the 3D chassis designers haven't tried it (I'm sure some will now).

The three-wheeler front wheel / guide mechanism looks good and will function well. Slot cars don't really need a front axle.


The catalogue certainly went down very well at our WHO race night on Wednesday, with quite a few pre-orders already paid for - the Tyrrells and DeLorean particularly popular. I have pre-ordered only one car so far - the Arrow Head Monte Carlo - but my 'must have' list has eight cars and two sets, with another eight cars on the 'I would like very much' reserve list. Most arrive Summer and Autumn, so that gives me time to save my pennies.

In terms of our Scalextric club racing, we were already looking at widening our Trans-Am class to include the 80s Nascars and the Camaro IROC. With the Aussie saloons already included and the new Capri needing to be run, we've come up with a new 'Muscle Car Mondial' class. The five BTCC cars will quickly get added to the WHO/digital grid, as will the new modern-day GT cars. Nice to see a few more RTR cars for our Goodwood Revival Saturday too.

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