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AFX New single seater twin pack is out
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Putting together a new order on Slot Cars Direct on Boxing Day I saw there is a new Mega G+ twin pack of champ cars available at long last. Brand new liveries bringing back some old favourite AFX sponsors including Van-K from the old Super G days. 

The cars arrived this morning and they look fantastic. Very pleased with them. Now if AFX could release a white body as well then things will be very rosy indeed. I should add I've not checked their website to see if they have released one or not but SCD aren't stocking it if they are.

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It is certainly good to see some new Formula car liveries! There were a few on the old Mega-G chassis - plus a white paintable body - but they are not easy to convert to the new chassis. AFX do white bodies for both the Mega-G+ Nascars and the new Audi R18 LMP1, so some white Formula bodies definitely make sense. They would sell loads.
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I checked the AFX site and there is no white body available as yet. So I popped the question into a contact form and sent it to them.

I urge as many people as can to do the same so they can see there is a demand for this body.
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In reality the cars look a lot better than they do in Racemasters own 'library' photo.


Just LOVE this VanK update.


The Core is not too bad either  Thumbup
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Van-K is my preferred one too but as i've just finished my son's new cars in a black and red Dow livery he's bagged it. Makes sense.

I just ran them both in yesterday for hours and flipped the magnets so they're ready to rock.
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The Core car brings the 2004 Willims Renault to mind:

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Core is an inverted Renault into terms of colours on the nose but reminiscent like you say. 

Had a reply from Elyse at Racemasters and she said to check back later in January when they have a better idea of the year's range.
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There are a couple of twin-packs ready for the WHO shop. There are some new racers in the market for cars, so that's perfect timing - and a very good price.

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