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Question How do overcome the barriers to Slot Racing?

What has any of that got to do with the price of potatoes?

Yes, people play all those things. Model railroading has always been a more popular hobby than slot cars (although Aurora didn't do bad in the US during the early-to-mid 60s). It's also a fact of life that if you want something badly, you have to at least dip your toe in the water - although jumping in the deep end can work very well too.

Personally, I think there is less of a gap between a total beginner and the 'bottom rung' of the club ladder than you imagine. You do race at a very exclusive and highly-competitive club with some very good, but extremely intimidating racers and builders. Your club sounds like it is on - or very near - the top step of the ladder.

As I said, I think there is plenty of stuff on forums and particularly on Facebook that looks at home racing and bog-standard club racing - like what we do at WHO digital. We do very little that isn't covered by tune-up articles on the Scalextric website here and here and here. Those tutorials would be a great basis for some collective tuning and learning, if you get half a dozen or so racers together.

What would be an ideal session of home racing for you?
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Cool Bigsmile Wrench

Interesting discussion about what constitutes a club.  Our club is probably more a group of like minded people who race primarily for fun.

We have constitution (no need).  Minimal rules designed to keep costs down and level the playing field.

No club officers.  We just turn up, race, chat and enjoy an evening out.  We post the results but there are no cups or trophies or ceremony at year end (but we do go out for a Curry).

Minimal admin, maximum racing.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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The "Club" that a few of us  race at ,G.OL.D. is very loosely a racing sort !!
We wait for each other in the event of a deslot and there are no classes of vehicle .
It's all done for enjoyment and banter ,oh and of course the catering. We run at each others tracks and use each others cars ,pinch each others ideas and generally have a great time .More members are welcome  . Enjoyment is what it's all about.!!

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