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Lexan bodies....I still love em !!

(1st-Dec-19, 02:34 PM)Fluff Wrote:  Well best of luck Gordon,new controller , RTR car's , could be your year 


Thanks. December tends, according to Don, to be low key, just run wot you brung and have some fun. SO........ no serious racing then Tease 

Yeah right!

(1st-Dec-19, 05:01 AM)steveaca Wrote:  Hi Chris,
      what sort of rpm is this motor rated at ? What would be the pros/cons of this vs an 'S'-can motor  of similar rpm rating on Scalextric Sport digital ?

Hi Steve, This particular model from ProSlot is the PS-4000 Euro Mk1, and it is designed to snap into any chassis that takes a typical "S" can, so fitting it is a "snap".

It is the lowest rated RPM (26K @ 12 volts), and torque (155 gms.) of the ProSlot range, but, because of its higher strength magnets and its much stronger brush springs, it does draw more amperage than other similarly performance rated "S" cans, to the point where it may prove problematic with digital tracks.

I use them a lot (non digital tracks) as they ,...1/ are rebuildable, and tunable ,...2/...use far better components than typical "S" cans,.... 3/ have much better torque/brakes....and,..3/ the motor leads attach on the end of the endbell, instead of on top of the plastic brush holder piece on the top of most "S" can motors. (This slight reduction in motor height allows me to mount bodies a touch lower without interfering with the cars interior tray, which is particularly critical on F1 cars, or, lexan bodied cars.

So,...while they are great motors, for your purposes, I would stick with what you are currently using.

Chris Walker
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I have always loved that Lola of yours - green with envy!! Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

Thanks a lot for that information Chris.

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