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Important! Changes to the club section of the forum

We're planning to make a change to the club section over the next few days, and following on from that we'll also be adding a new club directory to the SlotRacer website, to supplement what you're posting here on the forum. These changes are intended to help the clubs, their members, and anybody who might be interested in joining them, so we hope you'll welcome them.

Firstly, we'll be setting up sub-forums for the clubs that post fairly regularly and consistently here, so that people can find all your posts in one place, rather than having them spread out over a number of pages. Hopefully that will be a fairly simple and sensible change.

Secondly, we'll be setting up a club directory which will include all of the clubs that have posted their information here. Each club will have their own dedicated page which we'll set up with information, photos, website and social media links, google maps, videos, and forum and social feeds, depending on what's available for each club. In effect it will be a one stop shop, or a portal for anybody who might be interested in your club. But even though we'll be setting this up, you will have the final say on how your club is presented.

We obviously hope you'll be happy to see your club being promoted, but if at any point there is anything you want changing, or if you want to opt out, all you have to do is let us know. The club directory will get a prominent link on the home page, and will be posted on our Facebook page and group, so we hope we can help to promote your club and everything you are doing there.
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That's all done now. Their are links at the top of the home page, in the left sidebar, and in the introductory article, as well as below.

Please have a look and let me know if there is anything you'd like changing. Thumbup
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