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Scalextric compatible goodies

Hi Guys,
    If you race Arc Pro or C7042 systems this maybe of interest to you?


SSD compatible lane changer electronics

SSD compatible chip

Curious, I visited but it seems to be an outdated site. Latest news are from 2015-2016! The FAQ doesn't seem to be update since all the operating systems mentioned are out of support from Microsoft; Windows 2000 and XP - come on! Or is there no business any longer? When I find outdated sites like this, all my confidence for the business goes away. Sorry Scorpius Wireless, but you have to do better with your web site. I suggest you remove or update old content.
Best regards

Fair call. 
We’re waiting for our new products to actually hit the market before updating.
Scorpius is alive and well.
We currently have 5 products in the market.

Then we have our new stuff coming....
Current projects:
1.Generation II car decoder
Status: Prototypes completed and at firmware stage.

2.F1 car decoder
Status: Prototypes arrive late January, firmware 25% completed.
Just 9.4x5mm! See photo of boards below.

3.Wireless LCD gantry prototypes completed. Firmware to be completed.

4.2 other exciting projects that can’t be disclosed. 

Beware the Scorpian in 2021.
It doesn’t just revolve around a website.

Rick Field
Scorpius Wireless.

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