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International Proxy Series 2020 registration and rules

It was one of those attempts of the goverment imposing a new hidden  tax but the reaction was so intense that they had to take it back.
BUT to keep on the safe side please follow the instructions  (applicable only to non EU residents) posted by Arroldn when filling the customs form

Complete name and address information for both shipper and consignee
Phone numbers for both shipper and consignee
My address
Alexis Gaitanis
33 Bakoyanni str
15235 Greece
Phone +302108033402
Terms of Sale (Incoterm) : Not for resale used toy for proxy race to be returned to sender no commercial value
Reason for export
A complete description of the item :Used toy car not for resale
A nominal or fair market value must be stated for items of no commercial value:
-mark it as a gift or "the item is to be returned not for sale would ".At any rate and in order to leave no doubt as for the items value
mark it under US$20.00 but not zero
Some years ago a US entrant had marked value of the 2 cars US$400 and customs asked for US$250,the cars were returned to sender
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[Image: 20200305_zpsvccm1zqn.jpg]
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Today i received notice to pick up 4 parcels from the post office,3 are from USA, more news tomorrow
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Things are not normal here, schools,universities,organised beaches,restaurants,malls,theaters,museums..... are closed.Only shops selling food ,raw or takeaway,medicins etc are open and there is control to those who enter,in pharmacies for example max 2 persons allowed in the shop at any time the rest waiting outside at 1,5 metres distance from eachother.We are up to 238 coronavirus cases ,4 deaths.Being in the high risk group i avoid going out as much as possible.Under these circumstances i excpect serious delays in postal deliveries (my last order from Pendles took twice the average time to arrive)and most cars to arrive late,I am sure we will not be able to run the first round as planned not so much because of late arrivals but because of people (me included) being afraid to be exposed to the virus.Local club championship is paused.Dont panic, i consider it a force majeur case and will make sure every car is present and everybody is safe before we start

Hello Alexis,
Yes, we live in strange times...   UK government have announced that its likely that it will be compulsory for all over 70s to self-isolate.  That will hit the slot-car scene hard. 

Take care, health is the top priority and we are all in the same situation.  Supermarket behaviour is totally bizarre, gloves, cleaning the trolley handle and not standing too close to people.


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More arrivals #1,21,71,2,20,28,658,87
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