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Allan key excluded

All the slot racing items that need Allan keys but are sold WITHOUT them  Tappingfoot
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I think it is worse when the item needs a grub screw and they only supply the exact amount (i.e. 2 for a pair of wheels) and you lose them easily...

they may as well not have supplied the grub screws as they are useless without that allen key...

I am pretty sure all my cars have come with the correct hex key taped under the plinth. I've also invested in Hex screwdrivers for the standard M2 (0.95) and 1.3 x 50 and NSR sizes.

I get M2 grub screws in bulk from China. M2.5 ones are okay for NSR too.

Spare grub screws and hex drivers are nowadays surely a standard part of a serious slot-racer tool kit? I reckon its a long time since slot-cars came with tools of any sort.


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