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Tools: e.g. Hex Wrench, Screwdriver, Soldering Iron etc

Well today was an interesting day regarding tweaking/modification of slot cars. This in turn opened my eyes to the requirement to get my tools and tool box in order.

I am in need of a Hex Wrench's (Allen Key) specifically an M2 0.50 so I can tweak the front tyres on the Lola. 

Unfortunately I don't have one small enough, after some searching I see these are available as an individual item however I would like to buy some sort of kit that has various sizes, cheaper in the long run and everything I can find so far is for larger use, e.g. bed frame assembly, none of which are small enough for slot car repairs.

So, does anyone here know of such a kit that you have and could recommend. If I need to import then so be it, would prefer Australia though.


I know what you mean about hex keys I took delivery of a Pinion Extractor / Press at the weekend.
I need to use the 1.5mm pin but no Hex key is included. I searched the workshops many boxes of small tools finding only larger keys.
I eventually found one in the sons shooting tools.
You'd think it would come with an appropriate sized key.



I can recommend this Johnno - put together by Gaugemaster in the UK and available from various retailers, including Pendles here.

What you get is...
  • Pinion press / removal tool (based on the popular Ninco tool)
  • Philips PH0 screwdriver for most body and pod screws
  • Torx T6 screwdriver for Thunderslot (and some other) body and pod screws
  • Hex M2 (0.95) screwdriver for, Racer Sideways etc grub screws
  • Hex 1.3 x 50 screwdriver for NSR etc grub screws.
That pretty much covers all slot car options. You can, of course, buy them separately.

All except the 1.3mm Steel Plug for 1.5mm shafts.

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