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News Round 7 Slot-it at Presto Park

Hello all

Welcome to Round 7 of our popular standard slot it class and with 12 drivers attending as expected we had some good racing and some good banter between our members.

Get well message goes to Tone after his recent hospital admission and thanks for your visit last night to see your now on the mend.

Racing got underway and the heats soon passed very quickly with only minor issues for some drivers including myself who had a disastrous night.

The top finals places were challenging for all drivers with many in the lower finals than they would usually be in.

So to the finals

Final D

On the start line were Keith, Iain M and Gordon, With 25 laps ahead the lights went out and all raced away

Iain soon broke free and had many laps while Keith and Gordon chased, At lap 20 Keith was making good gains on Iain till on lap 24 Gordon managed to take Keith out

leaving Iain to take the win and promotion to the C final with Keith in 2nd and Gordon 3rd.

Final C

The grid consists of promoted Iain along side Ian R, Andy and Alf.

The lights went out and all raced away and stayed close for quite a few laps before Alf managed to breakaway  leaving Andy and Ian R battling for the mid places and Iain

M chasing hard to keep pace.

After 25 laps it was Alf who took the win with Andy in 2nd  Ian R 3rd and Iain M in 4th.

Final B.

Some unusual names here, that we normally see in the A final. So on the start line we have Mike, Steve and Alf, A special mention for Ray who was in his first B final after

some excellent racing tonight.

The lights went out and Mike raced away with Ray chasing hard and Steve and Alf having a few problems.

Once everyone settled down, Mike staked his claim for promotion to the A final with Steve and Ray chasing hard leaving Alf to bring up the rear.

After 25 laps it was Mike who took the win from Steve in 2nd, Ray came 3rd after fighting hard and Alf bought up the rear.

Now to the big on its time for 

Final A

On the grid we have Richard T with Lyle, Mike and James H along side and all ere very hesitant as the lights came on and eventually went out as the cars raced away

all being very close for a couple of laps before Lyle broke away with Richard T leaving Mike and James H to have a race between themselves.

The 25 laps soon passed and it was Lyle that came in 1st with Richard T in 2nd, James H beating the boss in to 3rd and the boss 4th.

Overall it was a great nights racing as usual here at Presto.

The nights results are as follows:-

Lyle                       25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.459 secs

Richard T              23

James H               21

Mike                     20

Steve                   19

Ray                      18

Alf                        17

Andy                    16

Ian                       15

Iain M                  14

Keith                    13

Gordon                12

As I have said a greats night racing and as this is the last round before the presentation night places are up for grabs in all classes and in the club Championship.

Thanks to Mike and Averill for a great club.

Next week we have the last GT3 race night of the year

See you all then.
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