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Traders, Your Club, Events shared to Facebook

SlotRacer Online is a combination of website, forum, facebook page and facebook group - spanning most of the ways that slot car enthusiasts interact online these days. Something I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks is the crossover between the site and social media. With an aim to bring more people to the site and the forum, I have been sharing content from the site - Graphics, the Library, Track Plans etc - and the forum - News, Club reports, Traders' details, Events etc - to both our Facebook page (heading towards 1k followers) and the SlotRacer forum (3k+ members)...


I plan to post daily with these regular slots for your content...
  • Monday - Calendar / Events
  • Tuesday - Trader Section
  • Wednesday - Your Club
Here's today's post about Racing Line's tyre walls...


All I need from you is a nice image included in your forum thread which will then appear in the facebook post. If there are several pictures, I will choose the one that works best...


If you are struggling to work out how to post images within the thread, here's how... I had to get my head round this to begin with, but once learned it's pretty straightforward...
  • At the bottom of text box (where you write the post) there's an 'Attachment' area. Click the 'Browse' button, find your photo(s) and select the ones you want in the dialogue box. Still in the dialogue box, click 'okay' or 'done' - the dialogue box disappears and there will be text next to the 'Browse' button saying how many files are queued. Then you must click the 'Add Attachment' button to the right. After a little wait, the files will have loaded onto the site and you'll see a list underneath the 'Browse' button, listing the file(s) you have uploaded.
  • To put them in the text, put the cursor where you want the picture and then click the 'Insert Into Post' button to the right of the file name you want. You'll get some BB code [attachment=some number] in the text. When you hit 'Post Thread' or 'Preview Post' the image will be shown. The pictures appear at less than full size so pages load more quickly, just click on them to see full size.
  • If you forget that final 'insert into post' step all the posts you haven't inserted will appear at the bottom of your post. You can always go back in and edit the post and do the 'insert into post' step.
I can't guarantee your post will be shared to our social media platforms and I will do some research on any Traders section posts before sharing them. If you don't want you event, club or traders post shared, do let me know.

Any questions, just ask!
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