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Government phone lines

  1. You make a call to a govt department, you get diverted.................the person you need to talk to is off (probably another sicky) and nobody else is dealing with the info you require.
  2. Website language choice - which version of English do you prefer...but there's NEVER an English option always some other version we English don't use
  3. Missed calls (5 or more times in the last 10 minutes)...doesn't bother to leave a message and it's from a private number
  4. petrol price hike in TT week
  5. Public sector pay rises above what everyone in the private sector gets and they still whinge
  6. Disproportionate representation of minority interests in the media
  7. BBC bias
That'll do for starters

Item 5 really?!?  Assuming you are talking about the UK.

Try public sector pay cap of 2% every year for the last 7 years at least.  Then look at inflation.  It’s a pay cut in real terms.  I think the private sector has done better than that. As is often the case perception fails to match reality.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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7 years of guaranteed 2%...I wish!
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Not wanting facts to get in the way of a good rant Bigsmile 

But, this Office for National Statistics report on average weekly earnings is worth looking at:

It shows private sector wage growth to have been higher than the public sector for all but one month between June 2018 and May 2019. However, that is driven by high growth in construction and the financial sector, as opposed to low growth in manufacturing and the retail/hospitality sector. The one month public sector pay rose more rapidly was due to NHS pay rises paid one month earlier than in 2018.

There's also this: - which looks at how wages have changed in real terms (ie compared to inflation) over the past decade (to November 2018). It also shows that the public sector has seen lower growth over the decade, but the private sector has seen more wage volatility - wage growth in the private sector has only caught up and overtaken the public sector in the past four years. There is no consideration of variation between different parts of the private sector.

However, this graph suggests most of us are right to feel our wages still pay for less than before the recession...

[Image: What_wages_are_worth_Sept_18_update.png]

As for #6 - I'm all for seeing more minority interests - like slot cars - in the media. And #7 the BBC is definitely biased - we should start a campaign for more slot car coverage on all their platforms  Sun
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Sadly and predictably those facts only reflect what's happened in the higher earners that has skewed the numbers for years.

You're quite right that any figures like that can be a 'broad brush' and hide a lot of complexity. However, your original statement was a pretty broad generalisation too! 

Interestingly, if you dig deeper into those documents and the research behind them, you find that the wage growth of higher-earners has suffered most since 2008, so they certainly aren't skewing the figures upwards. Of course, they were better paid in the first place, so I am sure have coped...

It's those of us on lower wages who were struggling before 2008 who have struggled even more with even the smallest drop in real wages. That's true wherever we live and whether we are private or public sector employees, self-employed or out of work.

It's not just wage growth, there's the very many people - including nearly 900,000 in the public sector - who have lost jobs with decent pay and conditions in the past ten years and are now in much more marginal employment, zero-hours contracts or exceedingly insecure self-employment.

I've got a no. 8 to add to the list...

8.  People who go out of their way to try to prove you're wrong about things that get on your goat  Wavegreen

I have to admit I was very tempted to post similarly sensible info about no.7, but I decided I couldn't be bothered.

I once told a bloke to "stop making sense while I'm having a rant". Tappingfoot  Tease
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(15th-Oct-19, 09:01 PM)Kevan Wrote:  8.  People who go out of their way to try to prove you're wrong about things that get on your goat  Wavegreen

You're most welcome Rofl
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"I can tell you folks going from 95k£ a month to 90k£ was nearly devestating..." -

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