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INOX MX3 - a must-have for digital racers

According to the manufacturer's website...
Quote:INOX-MX3FG is similar to the original formula with some changes to comply with the NSF H1 criteria. INOX-MX3FG has undergone stringent testing and stands strong among the other INOX products and even stronger with its competitors.
The needle applicator bottle is the picture is what I've used at home and what we've used at the club since 2013/4. The labelling has changed slightly - my original bottle has "inox-mx3" on the front and "Australian & New Zealand Food Grade Approved" on the back. I suspect it is the same formula.

The magic ingredient in MX3 is lanolin.  If it has changed slightly so if can be labelled Food Grade that is unlikely to be noticeable providing if still has the same amount of lanolin.

MX3 and MX5 grease have always been food safe - it means you can use it to lubricate the machinery on food production lines, you still shouldn’t eat it :-)

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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Thanks for the info.

Been using DeoxIT D5.  Stuff is awesome for restoring conductivity!
I'll try it, want something with a little more lubricity.  
With the food grade won't have to worry about my piggy eating the paper towels!   Ambulance

Although INOX does clean and protect, it does much more than that. As Mr Modifier hinted at, it has something 'magical' for digital racers which prevents many of the annoying glitches with SSD chips. The way I use it (and how we use it at the club) is just a half dozen drops a week onto the cars' braids - so there should be no INOX on paper towels for the piggy to eat...
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