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Worthing HO Racing 2019 - all the action from the Barn

We've been racing HO in Worthing since February 2010. On the first Wednesday of each month we build a new four-lane temporary track using AFX sectional track pieces. There are also three AFX team races in the school holidays that serve as a perfect introduction to HO club racing.

Here's our racing schedule for 2019...


Our latest race at the Barn was our AFX Easter team race. Here are the results and report:

There'll be more WHO coverage every month on Slot Racer Online.
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Pretty much every WHO events gets a video made to help us remember the evening. The videos also show prospective new racers what we get up to and what they'll be part of if they come along to the Barn. This is the video from last week's AFX team race...

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Our HO club championship reached its fifth round last night - and it was a cracking evening of Nascar oval spills and thrills...

All the results are over on our website.

The closing race of the first half of our HO racing season was last night. Here are some video highlights from the finals...

The results are up on the website, with a full report following soon:

The updated championship tables are here:

It was our ultra-fast WHO Modified class last night...

All the results and a full race report are up on the website:



Our Nascar race next Wednesday marks eight years since our first taste of HO oval racing at the Barn. We held two non-championship events in 2011 to see if our racers would enjoy the format - and they did! Here's a pic of that first race...


From February 2012, we've held four Nascar championship rounds each year. Almost all on ovals - long, short, medium-sized, Indy-style rectangles, tri-ovals and the Tricky Triangle - with a road-course thrown in every couple of years or so.


Racing HO cars on an oval is breath-taking and requires total commitment, perfect rhythm and hitting the same breaking points lap-after-lap, maybe twenty-five 40-foot laps a minute. And there is the small matter of avoiding everyone else's mayhem. Races have been won from all four lanes and the fastest car is not always the winner. We love it!


Expect post-race coverage of all the action on the 2019 Tricky Triangle next Thursday and Friday.
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It was an excellent evening of racing on the Tricky Triangle. 23 racers, including a family of three trying out slot car club racing for the first time.

All the results, report and stats are up on the WHO website.



One of the highlights of the WHO HO calendar are our school holiday club car races. We advertise these widely and they are one of the main ways we attract new racers - especially youngsters. Our first club car racing started in August 2012 with a Micro Scalextric championship supported by Adrian and the Scalextric team at Margate. This is the video of that first race...

In 2017, AFX re-introduced their HO system to Europe and helped us set up the AFX Endurance Championship using their fabulous Peugeot 908 LMP cars. We used the same format as the successful Micro Scalextric series and have enjoyed some exciting team racing over the past couple of years. Our next event is next Wednesday...


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