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question for in-car-filming of the track

Thanks Peter,
60fps will allow playback in slow-motion   Bigsmile


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Hello Peter,

My SQ23 Camera arrived and I have had success with it. It is a little bit fiddly to work with but overall will do the job. I attached it to the roof of a tall car and so the height needed for clearance is more than I anticipated (100mm). No prob for your clever camera chassis though/

The WiFi connection to all three of my Android devices works well although the range is short (approx 7metres). The screen shows the view through the lens and allows user to take photo snaps or video either to the on-board SD Micro Card or the devices memory.  Also allows playback. WiFi drains the battery though so best to switch it off once set up (video continues to record). 
The App ("Sports DV") also allows settings (in English or Chinese) to be set but the error messages are always in Chinese so can be challenging. It is best to set the auto Power Off time to more than the default 1 minute and one can turn off the audio recording. Date Stamping on/off available as well as stuff like the recording resolution. 
The wide-angle lens means that the extremities of the picture are slightly curved but not a problem in normal use.
Battery life is not great and will only allow about 30 minutes recording although I had WiFi on. Annoyingly, it will not function when on charge so extending the run time by powering from a power-bank will not work but apparently does work on the previous model SQ11 or SQ12.  

Came with a water-proof housing that someone reviewed as letting in water when submerged so probably best described as rain-proof although rain drops on the window would probably spoil the video anyway.

Overall I would say that its OK as an affordable action camera but not in the Go-Pro class.

Short video clip here -

My Camera Car is battery powered and has a slot-guide so it functions a a bit of a rail-cleaner as well :-)

A Tamiya Mini 4WD 1:32 Toyota 4-Runner with home-made roof-rack.

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I like being able to see the hood of the car. Makes the perspective cooler.. :-)

Leo, thanks for the videos - i think they look really good. one can even see the high car tilting in the corners - i like it. 

i still think that the wide angle lenses are the wrong point of view for creating a racing perspective. But there are no other cameras out there since GoPro dictated the wide andle setup - which makes sense for activities that the GoPro is aimed at. 

if you give me the measurements of the SQ23 camera - oops while typing this i remember that they should be up there in the thread somewhere - i can adapt the camera holder for SQ23 camera - the chassis for the rotating camera arm will be the same. got a printer? you would just need the slotcar parts ...

DVD3500, adding a fake hood should not be a problem. working on it. should make a great effect with the rotating camera arm and the fixed hood. hmmm... now how to fix this ... :-)

Hello Peter, fake hood sounds good. Combined with your swivel chassis it would give a great point-of-view.  I already printed the base chassis - I had to add the option for extra support so need to trim that away. I got stuck trying to fit wheels but I guess in reality, I could use 1:32 wheels.

SQ23 is 31mm deep (front to back), 29mm wide and 29mm high.

I tried a comparison of the view-angle with my "Wing Camera" as below. Wing is slightly narrower angle but much the same.
The Wing-Camera is as fitted to some drones and rc aircraft. I believe that a wide-angle lens can be fitted but not sure what mine has.





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Leo, i think it is possible that the "wing camera" already has a wide angle lens fitted?

anyhow, i updated the files on thingiverse, as the V1 with small wheels could drag the back of the chassis on the track when the track has elevations. 

on the rear, you can for sure use 1/32nd wheels. 
for the fronts, i used 11mm H0-wheels due to the reason that the camera holder could rub on bigger wheels when the angle of turn is bigger than xxx degrees ...
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[Image: camchassis06.jpg]

added a version for the SQ23 camera - scuderia turini ...

just because i´m sitting on the sofa after crashing my mountainbike ...
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Sorry to hear about your Mountain Bike incident, but then... every cloud has a silver lining. I'll be printing tomorrow :-)

Top man Peter, thank you.


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