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Info 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies

Ninco 1/28 Xlot chassis for the Porsche 911. Ideal for resurrecting the 1/28 shells where the Ninco spares are becoming difficult to obtain (in the UK). Note: the BRM 1/24 range of axles, wheels & tyres will fit i.e. the Kadett ones. 


Two versions available either SW for short can boxer (Revoslot 21K fitted or the original  Xlot motors) or IL for the Flat 6 motor. (Note Flat 6 version, the interior requires surgery, SW does not.) Both chassis' have a floating pod either on a Torsion arm or springs (IL) or torsion arm only (SW). Pod takes the 3mm axle flanged ball races, and requires either Slot It SW cog (drilled out to 3mm) or the BRM 1/24 cogs for the IL version. Both chassis' use the original Ninco side body mounts which can be adjusted to centralise the chassis in the wheel arches.



Ready now, contact myself here on Slot Racer or on the FB page.


Mr Fit for Function.
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Hi Johnny - do you make guide flags - to fit slot classic type chassis?

And by any chance a chassis for the SRC Capri - I have a lonesome body looking for a mate Bigsmile

Hi Anthony,
                 Yes have a chassis for the SRC RS Capri (IL boxer or  S can), and for the Slot classic chassis, wood or plastic guides (i have a range which can be adapted to suit).


Mr Fit for Function.
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