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Info 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies

Want to thank John for the above and beyond service he has given to me - will always recommend him to anyone who want a 3D printing.

John - you thought of printing wheel inserts?

Decals are awful ( crumbled) but my version of his amazing Can AM BRM:




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Cool and original car, Anthony.

CanAm? Now you're talking my language. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada close to where they raced CanAm back in late 60's (Mont-Tremblant).
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With the weather and Covid issues been a quiet month for printing, so been doing more development work and squeezing in the printing when I can get the workshop up to temperature.

First up new chassis'

Bentley GT3 chassis and wing


Fitted with the new chassis system 'G' spec. with AW Boxer pod.


SCX Audi IMSA chassis (Cheers Dave for use of the pics).



Both chassis' are available in AW or IL S can or Boxer.

First kits for the Group 5 Escort Mk2 have gone out and now taking orders for this, chassis options for IL Boxer/S can and AW S can motors. 


Altered Carbon....


Ken Block modified a Mustang, this is my 'street racer' modification to a 67 Camaro, lowered, arches pulled out, twin turbo bonnet new front. Started off as a design doodle to learn new CAD techniques to modify and redraw STL files and morphed into this. Some work needed to refine held up by the cold spell for printing, but hoping to get this completed by end February with interior, glazing and chassis options for IL & AW Boxer/S can. 

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Update for March.

Special chassis for an old Berlinetta 250 GT FF050 powered based on a standard JS chassis WB modified and posts added to suit.



BMW M1 SCX chassis to the new G spec.



Finally new Design list updated into post 4 of this thread.
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April Update.

SRKITs now have AW and SW options as below. Note AW available as either S Can or Boxer. 



This add to the existing range of  IL pods of either S can or FF050 options, for those that want to use a brass or aluminum plate as below by Danny for his entry into the Parsons Park prewar series. 



Finally the Metro chassis has been popular for those wishing to capitlise on the WB matching other Scalextric shells, so below is a modified chassis with the rear tab removed a post to replace it and a 3rd body post now included to make the conversion easier. This a rear torsion arm, front pivot chassis which enables a short WB. 


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