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I'm into bodies

Ermmm - Is the dremel the issue???? Rofl Rofl Rofl 

I have 3 - 2 electric and 1 battery all still work, and the electrics are 23+years ol. I did have one die on me but that was the battery ;)

Like your work on the cars - how are you doing the screens??


I've had a proper Chinese replacement for some time and it works fine and includes more tools that I am ever likely to use plus all my old Dremel cutters fit as well. 

I've already thinned the resin down around the open areas and will just use contact cement to stick thin clear plastic in. It's worked OK for the wooden ones so hopefully will be OK here too. Shouldn't look too far out as the resin can be thinned far more than the balsa and I reckon that looked OK.

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