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Scorpius Generation II car decoder development

No issues to speak of, but we mostly run stock Scalextric or cars.

Hi Guys,
Here's an updated list of Scorpius Gen II car decoder goodies. No doubt a lot of people will be happy [Image: biggrin.png] and about 5 people extremely unhappy.[Image: grump.gif]
So here goes;
1/. Smallest car decoder of its type just 26x13 or 338sq mm.
2/. Full light set with configurable settings including brightness, with wiring and LEDs connected and ready to install thus saving installation space and cost dramatically. World first
3/. Compatible to: Scorpius, SSD, Carrera, SCX Advance, Oxigen, Ninco. World first.
4/. Analogue compatible if using Scorpius controller and WAM.
5/. 5A Mosfet rating for robustness and reliability. World first
6/. Double sided to reduce size.
7/. DPR Compatible
8/. DPR hatch available.
9/. JST plugs on: Power in, motor power out, lights front and rear, hall sensor for ease of install/removal.
10/.Direct DC, now bypass bridge rectifier if ever required.
11/.Improved circuit protection on power in and power out (motor).
12/.Bluetooth/app compatible.
13/.Auto detect. Place car on rails and car decoder will automatically detect which system it is on and change protocols and track comms hardware use automatically. World first.
14/.Back EMF detection for use in future functions. World first.
15/.Hall sensor for use with Oxigen or tacho. World first.
16/.Accelerometer for use with impact front, side, rear collision detection and the ultimate ghost car. World first.
17/.PEARL. programmable electronically activated race line. World first 2012
18/.Ability to swap car from RF to BT in seconds using accelerometer. Just tap on car 5 times whilst stationary. World first.
19/.Current sensing for future functions. World first.
20/.Ultima. PEARL in conjunction with Anti Collision. World first 2014.
21/.Heat sensor for circuit protection. World first.
22/.Track comm hardware ie sensors and LEDs are on the car decoder itself for DPR install AND on flyleads for custom installs. World first.
23/.Can be controlled by app. World first.
24/.Can be reflashed by app.
25/.Can be reconfigured by app (world first)
26/.2.4GHZz wireless control. World first 2006.
27/.No powerbase required. World first 2006.
28/.Schottky diodes as standard. World first 2006
29/.Wireless telemetry. World first 2009.
30/.Nordic nRF52832 chip. Latest technology. World first.
31/.12V accessory output to drive any accessory. World first.
Scorpius. World leaders in digital slot car technology. [Image: dribble.gif][Image: dribble.gif][Image: dribble.gif]
Thanks for reading. [Image: thumbsup.gif]
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