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Scalextric Power-sledge cars

That was awesome! Great track. Thanks for sharing Leo.
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The cars to look for are the "Race Tuned " versions, these are identified on the chassis by the side rails which are black. These are much quicker than the standard cars
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The powersledge motor was never made in a race tuned version as far as I am aware. The Europa and Panther were advertised in the catalogue as such but actually used a bog standard motor.
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There were two versions of Panther and Europa Vee, the first version being the ones with the black chassis sides , I put Race Tuned in inverted commas as they were never labelled as such but are much quicker than the second version, maybe the ones withdrawn as mentioned above

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I 'upgraded' my Ferrari a few years ago.....



Loved this car from the time I bought my first one back in 68 ....
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