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New 2019 Scalextric Sets

Hello Andy, 
I meant to put a thank-you note for you in the above (have corrected that now) but the video upload took over 8 hours overnight with the result that my good intentions got missed. I did manage to remember to put a link to this thread in the video description though  Sun 

I cannot get the QR Code to scan so don't know where that leads.




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Oh my, that's a long upload Leo Time

The QR code takes me to the Scalextric website - but, as you say, the only 'START by Scalextric' branded products on the site are the cars here. There are, of course, all the 'normal' Scalextric cars, accessories and Sport track that are compatible with the set that are mentioned on the leaflet.

I did hear that the same set might be at some Asda stores - I can't see anything on their website. Now I know it's a new-and-improved START system, I am tempted to pick up anything reduced at Robert Dyas after Christmas to use as prizes for our 'WHO on the road' events next year.

In the meantime, this old (2016) Amazon-exclusive Le Mans 24 hour set is in their Black Friday sale for a pretty average £69.24...


There's also the old 18-volt Micro Scalextric Hyper-Cars set for £35.35 - more expensive than the new-and-improved  9-volt Micro Scalextric 'City Collision' set at Aldi...
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It just occurred to me that the set reference would be an identifier but searching for "Scalextric C1408" did not find anything relevant and nothing on the Scalextric website.
Scanning the barcode gets an EAN and links to Robert Dyas and a couple of Ebay listings.  One listing is without the cars and BIN at £19.99 - wish I had spotted that before ordering the second set from R-D...

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Ohh.. so many lovely LMPs!
Thanks for the video!
Well done!
Odd that they have the older dial speed controllers and not the newer adjustable ones...

Seeing it now, what with the included converters and same radius I would also say these sets are actually very good value!

Will the inner curve borders fit the new Start curve track as well and do the borders sit level with the track like with the Sport track? Also, have you found the electrical connections to be better with Start than Sport? I'm wondering if Scalextric is developing the next generation of track with Start, perhaps since it's cheaper to manufacturer and addresses the weaknesses of Sport track.

Hello Bri,
I don't have any R2 Inner Borders, but I have tried placing a set of R1 curves inside the START R2 and they fit perfectly, both the curvature and the level. After taking the photo below, I placed the track on a flat parquet floor and the level/height matched perfectly.

So this new START stuff seems to have been designed to the same dimensions as SPORT (and Classic/Plexytrack).
It would be great to know what Hornby's strategy is but I don't suppose they will tell us. Perhaps after the Christmas sales run out they might then announce changes, but they won't want to put peeps off buying the old stuff - Grr!

In this photo, the START sections are obvious from the wider rails and fitment.

Have used START track sections only a few times in the past two/three years and not had any issues with connectivity but its early days.



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