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Ho Ho Ho !!

Hi Gordon, yes it's for the grandkids , I describe it to them in great detail and show them a couple of photos  Wrench One day I'll let them come over !!! 

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Not before December 24th I trust!

Its taken several years and finally last year I relented and let the other half have a 6ft (artificial) tree.
But it never goes up before December (as late in as I can get away with) and there is only the one, you have 3 in November you mad fool Bigsmile
You very nearly beat the shops Time Rofl

If I tried putting decorations up at all, it would be the last thing I did before Ronnie went for the shotgun! Rofl

Tel,that 3 trees you can see are just one end of the lounge , there's another 3 at the other end ,plus 3 in the hall and 2 in the bedroom ,was trying to get some in the kitchen but really haven't got the room !!! 
Gordon ,its so much fun filling in all the nail holes after you take them all down  Sun

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(2nd-Nov-19, 06:45 AM)Savage GT Wrote:  Hey Jules, Are there any non seasonal liveries due at the same time ?

Yes Terry. Regular race styles should be out very soon.


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