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At our club we do what I think are called "regulatory" races where the goal is to  get your lap times to within 1/1000 of a second for each lap.

We run the lap times through an excel sheet, it calculates your average time from your 5 closest laps, throws out your best and worst time and then gives you "penalty" points for each of the remaining laps above and below the average.

The driver with the lowest penalty wins!

We usually race 4 to 5 minutes per lane and we have a 5-lane and 6-lane track. The calculation is of course done on a per-lane basis as all the lanes are very different lengths..

This has quite a few advantages:
It keeps cost down as you don't need maximum speed. If the car moves it can "race".
You don't bang up your cars. 
You can race any car against any other car. Formula 1 vs NASCAR or whatever
It is a great way to practice since you have marshals to pick up your cars for you Wrench Rofl  I actually race all my cars in this type of race first just to get the setup right.

Seriously though, we have a class of pre-WWII and pre-1960 cars and the tires are so narrow (cars are judged concours style so look matter) that you just can't go fast.

Check out the June (or is it July?) edition of SlotCar Magazine for an article about this style of race and you can see the detail these cars have...
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