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News WHO/digital 2019 - all the action from the Barn

2019 marks the fifth anniversary of Scalextric digital racing in Worthing. From a first trial run in January 2014, we've gradually built up a calendar of five Wednesday evenings and four all-day Saturday events each year. Our aim is to make digital club racing accessible to anyone who wants to try it out - HO club racers, digital home racers, 1/32 analogue club racers, RC car racers and interested members of the public.

We race on Scalextric Sport track, using the Scalextric Digital Advanced Powerbase, RCS64 race management software, Pit Pro sensors and Truspeed SSD IV wireless controllers. Most of our racing classes use standard Scalextric DPR cars with magnets removed and replacement racing tyres added. We're imaginative with our formats and RCS64 simulations to try an emulate real racing series and have a lot of fun. There is loads more info in the WHO/digital 2019 guide available as a pdf document from our website:


At the moment, we are three Wednesday evenings into our Nascar team race and Trans-Am pairs race championships. The final rounds are on 22 May and 17 July. Our first Digital Saturday of the year is on 22 June, followed by more in September, November and December.

Here's a taste of a Digital Wednesday night at the Barn...

Plus results, RCS64 stats, pictures and a full race report on the website:

They'll be full coverage from the Barn here on Slot Racer Online.
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Our fourth WHO Digital Wednesday of 2019 is just hours away...

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Here's some of the action from May's Digital Wednesday...

Results and stats are on the WHO website, with the race report coming... eventually Checkeredflag

Next up is our June Digital Saturday (aka "The Longest Day") on 22 June -  a morning, afternoon and evening extravaganza of Scalextric digital racing...

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It was a fabulous day of Scalextric digital racing at the Barn! All the results, RCS64 stats, race report, pictures and championship tables are up on the website:

One of many highlights for me was our biggest BTCC grid yet of fourteen, which made for even more mayhem and scintillating racing than usual. The evening GT endurance race was a completely different kettle of fish - 300 laps and lasting 80 minutes, we tweaked the RCS64 simulations to give a race full of strategy, team work and rewarding smooth, fast driving. There was also a club car rotation, a Group C race and a Goodwood Revival pairs race.
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Our fifth and final Digital Wednesday of the year was pretty intense, with a tight battle for the Nascar team race title and then an incredibly close three-way fight for the Trans-Am feature race win. It was nice to be in the mix for both... All the results, report, RCS64 stats and championship tables are over on the WHO/digital website:

The next digital action at the Barn is on 21 September - the first of three Digital Saturdays that take us through to Christmas...

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Great to see youngsters racing and for me more important - cars with reasonable speed not bullets!!!

When i saw the headline my immediate thought was - What? HO is digital!!  I get the issue though - might be hugely difficult to change the name of the club now....
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When we held our first Scalextric digital evening in 2014, there was never any suggestion we'd end up racing 50% HO and 50% 1/32 digital five years later. Although the two formats of racing are different and HO half the size of Scalextric, the two sides of the club share the same philosophy - accessibility and fun.

I've always been proud that our club welcomes new members with no expectation that they have to ever spend anything beyond the £3 entry fee (£2 for under-16s). Our HO club cars are competitive and the DS club controllers the same as most other people use. All the equipment is provided for Digital Wednesdays, with the exception the Trans-Am cars - but being a pairs race, non-owners always get a drive. Our Digital Saturdays have a club car rotation and pairs and team formats, meaning non-car-owners can have a great day, only sitting out the BTCC and Group C races. Of course, most people do buy their own cars (and controllers for HO), but not everyone does. And our digital cars are pretty much all standard Scalextric cars, plus a Group C class.

Another factor that might help the accessibility to our club racing is that we build a new track for each event. At the start of the evening (or Saturday morning), everyone is learning the track for the first time. It's not like turning up and trying to compete against veterans who have been racing the same cars on the same track for five, ten or twenty years...
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Hi Andy,
I'm amazed how you manage to remember so much to give such detailed reports especially if you are competing as well!

Just curious, as you mentioned an interest in anti-collision elsewhere, about how frequent crashes are on lane changers. Is it just a handful at each event or more?
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Thanks Chris! We do collect some data to help with the race report, mostly pictures of the race screen and some scribbles. The art is to have some data, but not too much - otherwise the race report becomes too daunting a task...

I can distinctly remember the two lane-changer-collisions I have been victim of across the six events we've had so far this year. I've forgotten the one(s) that were my fault... The collisions are certainly less of an issue than they once were. Our tracks are long and drivers more evenly-paced. Probably the one place I'd like an anti-collision-equipped XLC is the end of a long straight. Not that collisions are frequent, just the impact at that location can be more significant - i.e. right in the braking zone.
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