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Tappingfoot Tease Rofl Rofl

September 19th is "talk like a pirate day" folks LINK so do your bit to fix global warming.

Apart from which and on the same subject, as water expands when it freezes, if the sea ice melts it will lower sea levels not raise them so all should be well. Rofl

I understand the 'Pirate Effect' is trumped by the US Postal Service correlation...


Which is sad...

Quote:if the sea ice melts it will lower sea levels not raise them

Hi Brian,

When sea ice melts, it will shrink to the volume of the sea ice under water (90 % of the sea ice is under water and 10% is above). Conclusion: The sea level will stay the same.
But when land ice melts, it will rise the sea level.

rallyhub Thumbup

My mate is a real pirate. Wanting to take a shortcut home from the pub after a dozen schooners he decided to steal a boat and hike it across the bay. Well the water police pulled got him for drink driving and piracy. He pleaded guilty in court and now is officially a pirate.
Anyone else here know any real pirates? ?

(6th-Sep-19, 01:29 PM)ScorpiusWireless Wrote:  Anyone else here know any real pirates? ?

Well if you are talking about "archiving" media I may know a few...

double post

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