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All I want for Christmas is a.

Sorry I know its not even close to Christmas yet but I thought id get in quick. So what I'm after is a countdown counter, ya that's all, my world would be complete if only. so a few facts for you all to consider please if you don't mind. Im using Ninco track and DS200 with a stop and go box, all working great no issues (apart from would like the track to be a bit bigger) so what's the problem well my shed is only 12X8 so space is at a premium and the driver stations can't see when the DS stop and go box lights turn from red to green although there is sound as well. So I'm looking at adding a MS O.P. laptop to the DS200 via a HDMI cable, but then what, Im only racing analoge on two lanes so don't need anything complicated and the DS200 really gives to me all the information I need, so basically im only looking for a countdown which would be amazing. If anyone lives in Telford Shropshire contact me visitors always welcome. 

Thank you in advance. Happy Slotting. 

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Hi Martyn,
I have never come across a simple countdown timer that would connect to a DS system and laptop. While appreciating that you don't need the extras that a race management system would provide I think that is the route you will probably need to go down unless someone comes up with a better solution.

The best one available is Race Coordinator LINK which can work with a DS system. It is a fully featured RMS but can be as simple or complicated as you wish to make it. Why not give it a try? It is free so you have nothing to lose and you may find that it gives an extra dimension to your racing. It has a demo mode so you can download it to your home computer and have a play with it first without having to connect to your track.

DS also do their own software but it is a devil of a job to find it and, by all accounts, a nightmare to use.

Another vote for RC here.

As well as a countdown to the start it can give a countdown to the finish and you'd find the stats you can get from it, assuming you have Excel too, absolutely amazing - BUT. It can be as simple or as complex as you want.

It can certainly grow with you as you grow in confidence with using it.

Another Race Co-ordinator fan here !

R-C provides audio output so "Driver X best lap" type prompts seem something you might enjoy in your scenario. The software is free although there is a charity that the creator asks for donations to.


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Yep , I've got RC as well and it works great , which is a God send because I would not be able to fix it , I rely on Brian (CMOTD)for any tech stuff  Wrench


Thank you all very much for the replies, it does seem that RC is the way to go. Ill buy a new MS run PC and give it a go. 

Thank guys. 


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