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Some Chappies

One of my favourite contructors, he took the lead in aerodynamics when the red plagues only was thinking of power and more power (and they were not the best at that anymore by the mid 60's)

This is an unknown 2J and a complete build of the Hawk Chapparal which arrived beautifully painted in blue ?????  but with no screen or parts. Struggled a bit with the screen and it needs more fettling. It now has a 60's monogram chassis fitted,which I think is close to what Hawk had back in the day.





Omph the pics are awful ...
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Oh how I like the 2J.

As Murray said, "catching is one thing but passing is quite another" Bigsmile


I quite like Chappies

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And I thought that you weren't a collector !!!

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(30th-Aug-19, 11:59 AM)Fluff Wrote:  And I thought that you weren't a collector !!!


Well I'm not, sort of! Nostalgia explains the three on the left - former glories and all that - the other three are all racers, the F and the J are specially for Bordo in December.

I do have more cars now than at any time in the past it is true. However, I doubt I will be buying anything chassiswise now, the parts will just get recycled and the bodies added to the growing er.......collection of - what's the word - ah bodies. Not slot cars see, just bodies.
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