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Track and building Lighting

Thanks Leo , will try that Sunday ,if it kills it I'll get some from the link  Yes


eBay has very inexpensive pre-wired LEDs in various colours (go warm white for vintage look or bright site for modern track lighting).

They are pre-wired for 12v and come in 3mm and 5mm diameter.  Just make sure the wires are long enough to pass down your lighting pole.

Wired in parallel they can be connected to a power bus under your track board and the low current draw means you can run 20-30 off a cheap 1A 12v power supply.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool

Just wired up the led strip to the  5 volt transformer and they work  Wrench
 Cheers mr Modifier , I did run copper tape under my railway and ran all the lights from that , can now do the same with copper tape under the track , should be tidier than loads of wires !!


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