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Sideways Stratos Wheel Inserts

Does anyone know what these are ?
I want to take them out and install in a set of air hubs, but there is no way these are coming out of the stock aluminium rear wheels in one piece, I have tried the freezer overnight, placing in a shallow tub of hot water  (to just below the plastic) but no go.
I love the look of these deep dish inserts, so really would like to keep the stock look.
Thing is I can not even find spares, the closest I can see are the "campagnolo" inserts, but they don't look to have as thick spokes nor as deep dish so I don't think it is those.
Do Racer/Sideways not do these as a spare part ?

Hello, The Racer Sideways Lancia "Campy" inserts you have found/seen are the correct ones for your car, and the ones that come stock with all Racer Lancia liveries.

The spokes may look thinner in the online pics., (they are unpainted black), but, once painted, they will likely look a bit beefier.
As far as the "deep dish" look,.........the inserts recess a touch into the wheel rim, making them look "deep dish".
To get the look you are after, you will need to paint the air hub wheels (rim and inner wheel) to match whatever colour you choose to do the inserts in.

Getting the stock ones out is ,......well,.... after trying a few, I have decided that I can either ruin the insert, or bugger up the wheel.......inserts are cheaper.

Chris Walker
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Cheers Chris,
I am not convinced they are the same though, yes the campagnolo are for the Lancia, but the Beta, not the Stratos.
They are very similar but If you compare pictures of both you can see subtle differences and the deeper (and/or flatter) dish on the rear Stratos.
The actual inserts on the Stratos (not sure on the Beta) have a lip that covers the edge of the alu wheel, so with that and the brake disk you wouldn't actually see any of the alu wheel from outside.
I could use those, and agree they wouldn't look out of place, in fact likely no one but me would spot the difference Rollingred  


[Image: gallery_3329_522_143656.jpg]


[Image: gallery_3329_522_10509.jpg]

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